Depression, Anger
& Stress Management

You, your child and entire family can be happier and stress-free!

Is depression or anxiety the cause or the effect of your, or your child’s ADD/ADHD?  Both disorders can mimic ADHD symptoms resulting in a potentially confusing diagnosis and ineffective treatment plan.

As your ADD/ADHD Coach and a licensed therapist, I’m uniquely qualified to assess your  symptoms and determine whether they are primary or secondary to the diagnosis of  ADD/ADHD.  The importance of a diagnosis from a qualified therapy professional, can’t be understated.

How can ADD/ADHD and depression symptoms commonly be mistaken?  Let me share with you a quick comparison:

  • Emotional distress is a symptom common in ADHD due to frustration and disappointment, however in depression, these symptoms are typically

  • Sleeping difficulties are also a common symptom in ADHD where you may feel that you simply can’t “turn off” your thoughts.  If suffering from depression, you may wake repeatedly during the night and experience negative thoughts.

  • If suffering from ADHD, you may feel it’s almost impossible to accomplish a task; depression would cause you to feel as if you couldn’t even begin certain tasks.

If anger, a normal emotion that most of us experience at some point in our lives, has become unmanageable, intense or frequent, I can help.  When your child's anger causes physical or emotional pain for you, your family and those around you, help is needed to prevent long-lasting effects.
Anger is often a mask for deeper problems that prevent one from coping with life and resolving it can help in decision-making and problem-solving.
Those who have difficulty expressing anger appropriately often lack adaptive responses to anger-provoking situations. They tend to misinterpret events as negative when, in fact, they are not, and they often do not fully understand the consequences of their anger.

Our work together focuses on helping you better understand the issues causing anger and stress and learning ways to control and reduce it through Cognitive Therapy.

This type of treatment teaches individuals to identify anger signals as the first step in reducing this normal yet potentially problematic emotion.  In doing so, individuals have a greater opportunity to evaluate the events, process the information and respond in an appropriate manner.

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