ADD/ADHD Coaching Strategies for
Organization and Time Management

Your child's productivity at home and in school can improve!

As your ADD/ADHD Coach, I'll introduce your child to, and help him or her master, the skills necessary for success in completing homework assignments, chores and important activities in an organized manner by learning to stay on task and assuming responsibility.

Coaching emphasizes the following:

  • Sorting, storing and retrieving papers
  • Prioritizing homework and projects (schoolwork, homework, etc.)
  • Employing strategies for task completion
  • Learning to use incentives, timing devices and break times
  • Increasing self-esteem and decreasing stress through self-management

ADD/ADHD Coaching helps free problematic patterns.  It's an educational and pragmatic approach based on goal-setting, identifying personal obstacles and finding alternative strategies for achievement. 

As your coach, I help guide your child toward goals with frequent contact and encouragement and in the process, help reduce the tendency he or she may have to give up and abandon objectives. 

Through coaching, clients are educated about the basic physiological, behavioral, social and cognitive aspects of achieving success. As clients learn new interventions, prior mystifying behaviors take on clarity, while self-esteem and productivity increase. Clients experience a sense of "unlocking" doors that previously felt "shut" to them.

Coaching is extremely useful in promoting overall functioning. By learning new management techniques and gaining clarity about their positive traits, clients are able to demonstrate accountability and enhance the quality of their lives.

What are the objectives of coaching?

Coaching helps identify desires and goals, recognize strengths, increase overall accountability, performance and satisfaction, and manage stressors/behaviors that contribute to anxiety and impede one from achieving those goals.

Who is coaching for?

Everyone! Children, adolescents, parents and other adults can benefit from the coaching process.

What are some common “problem areas” that coaching targets?

  • Time/Self-Management
  • Motivation
  • Organization
  • Setting Boundaries/ Staying "on-target"

Me Today

I'm pleased to offer both office and in-home sessions. 

Contact me today to learn how I can help you and your child increase productivity at home and in school with organization and time management techniques!

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